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Doctor Who Racebending:
Ukweli Roach as Eleven: He has Eleven’s sense of bafflement and wonder down pat, and has already played an old man in a young man’s body (see: Eternal Law)
Sophie Okenodo as River: As we saw in The Beast Below, she is badass and knows her way around a gun.
Antonia Thomas as Amy: Tough, smart, and (let’s face it) beautiful.
Richard Ayoade as Rory: Stop picturing him as Moss for a second, and you’ll realise he can do adorkable very well
Lenny Henry as Nine: Contrary to popular belief, he can act. The Independent said of his Othello: “The frenzy within his imagination explodes into rage and, finally, wretchedness.” Oh, he’d have made a brilliant Nine.
Paterson Joseph as Ten: He can do both drama and comedy, and is mega-charismatic
Nina Toussaint-White as Rose: Remember her as Mels? Oh god, she’d be a perfect Rose.
Meera Syal as Donna: Another fine actress known mostly for comedy. Remember her as Nasreen? She’d be great.
Chiwetel Ejiofor as the Master: Ejiofor in Serenity was BRILLIANT, one of my favourite villains of all time, he was so good. Basically he should play every villain ever.
Michael Obiora as Jack: He was Billy Shipton in Blink- the lovely, flirty Billy. Look! He’s got no shirt on!
Art Malik as Wilf: Internationally famous, great actor.
Marianne Jean-Baptiste: Anyone ever seen her in Secrets And Lies, Mike Leigh’s family drama? I just get the feeling she’d make a really good Jackie.
Kehinde Fadipe as Sally: She was great in Misfits, vunerable and tough all at once.
Daniel Kaluuya as Craig: Have you ever seen Black Mirror? Oh god he is a FABULOUS actor. He could do everything required of Craig, comedy and drama and everything.
Angel Coulby as the TARDIS: She’d be brilliant, nuff said
Gina Torres as Canton: Because she ought to be in EVERYTHING.

Richard Ayoade as Rory! WAAANNNT!

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